Bangalore Apartment Design: COS Architects

wall colour shanti

A sleek, contemporary style apartment designed by COS Architects in Bangalore, this home is clutter-free and modern, with splashes of colour keeping it from being entirely minimalist. The emphasis of design in on functionality and sharp contrasts, using the juxtaposition of materials and color. Bangalore Apartment Design

kitchen design india shanti

The open plan kitchen and living dining space, trick the eye into perceiving a large space. Light coloured vitirifed flooring and expansive windows further open up the space and create a natural flow of movement.

living room design shanti

Furniture is kept to the bare minimum – black leather couches paired with a metal and glass coffee table and a side table in the living area, makes for an almost business-like setting. The sleek dining table in glass and metal with black leather upholstered chairs echo the no-fuss ambience.

dining room india shanti

Red placemats on the table and one focal wall in cheerful yellow injects the right amount of colour into the décor and keep it from being too sombre. Red tab-top drapes framing the expanse of glass also add colour to the living dining area, and also add an element of casualness.

open kitchen india shanti

The open plan kitchen leading from the dining end of the space is simple and the warmth of the teak veneer set against black granite countertops keep the space modern and inviting, set against the light floors and walls in ivory. The brown tiles for the backsplash work well in enhancing the design.

living room sofas india shanti

Clutter free design, perfect pairing of light materials with heavier ones, fenestrations that aid in opening up the space further and trendy furniture – all these put together in the right doses result in the fuss-free interiors of this home.

wardrobe design india shanti

Clever use of colour adds a small dose of spice and prevents the décor from being too minimalist.

bedroom decor shanti

One bedroom has expansive glass in an L-shape opening on one wall, thus connecting with the living space. Non-fussy sleek venetian blinds ensure privacy. Pale walls and vitrified tile flooring add a sense of lightness to the space.

bed design india shanti

Orange and yellow vertical stripe curtains, a vibrant yellow bedspread and just one small piece of art on the wall add the hint of colour to the room.The wooden study nook is very sleek, with floating shelves in glass on the wall preventing the design from becoming heavy.

bathroom shanti

The bathroom has neutral tones; predominantly grey, with tiles going up to the ceiling level. A large mirror sits pretty above the black granite counter.

ceiling design shanti

The false ceilings in the entire home enable a lot of ambient light and also add to visual interest in a very unobtrusive way.

platform bed india shanti

In the other bedroom, the contemporary platform bed extending sideways on one side in a broad strip has a dark walnut polish and rests on an elevated platform clad in a lighter shade of wood. This laminate flooring is carried throughout the room. The nightstand is but an extension of the bed and its sleekness and simplicity keep the focus on functionality.

wooden flooring india shanti

A pale green bedspread co-ordinates with the niche in the wall as well as the striped tab-top curtains in lime green. This bedroom opens out to a balcony.