Bangalore House Design: Choreography Of Spaces


Choreography of Spaces (COS) is a firm run by two young architects who are passionate about design and architecture. Divya Gangadharan completed her architectural studies in 2002, from U.V.C.E Bangalore, and subsequently pursued her training with Thomas Associates, Bangalore. She then worked with Zachariah Consultants for over 3 years. This is where she met her partner, Gaurav Sareen who had studied at R.V.C.E, Bangalore and then did his training with architect Tushar V. During their stint at Zachariah Consultants the duo had the opportunity to work together on large-scale apartment projects with all the leading builders in Bangalore, like Salarpuria, Brigade, Purvankara and Esteem. Subsequently, they decided to set up an independent practice, Choreography of Spaces—COS. Bangalore House Design.

Armed with confidence after working with leading architectural firms in Bangalore for over 4 years, Divya and Gaurav set up COS in May 2006. The young firm has developed a niche for itself over the period of the last 5 years.

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While the general focus of their design philosophy centered on contemporary expression, they also accepted that homeowners in India tend to experiment with colour far more than their western counterparts.

So, even a monochromatic palette dominated by white would need to be ‘energised’ with a bold use of colour. This was the case in the Nandidurg project as well.

“On our first visit to this 4 bedroom duplex, the apartment communicated it’s primary need for light and openness. It was too heavy, with a lot of walls and a large staircase filling up the living area.


We began by breaking down a few walls to unify the fragmented spaces into one free-flowing entity.


The existing staircase was replaced by a customised staircase in stainless steel cantilevered one, which also accommodated a store for the kitchen, below the landing.

To unify the spaces further we used Italian marble for the entire flooring and to complement this muted expanse we made a layered false ceiling design with subtle detailing and strips of lighting.

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We try to design spaces without restricting ourselves to any style as we feel the need of the day is to be versatile. Our designs are an attempt to analyse and broaden the brief to create an environment based on a set of ideas which reinforce each other. On the whole, we try to balance solidity with transparency and complexity with minimalism.