Bangalore Interior Designer: Archana Naik: Chandra Home

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Archana Naik has a distinctive style, which her clients find very appealing. The interiors she creates are contemporary with a lot of warmth and earthy colour definitions, using wood as an integral element of design. Open spaces with a lot of natural light and allowing the natural beauty of materials to be primary definitions, are a trademark of her design aesthetic.

ARCHANA NAIK 21In the Chandra home in Bangalore the idea was to create a contiguous space. Interior designer Archana Naik designed the home ensuring that a sense of continuity is evident in the use of flooring, choice of natural material and uncluttered details. It was an added bonus that the client shared the architect’s fondness for the natural appeal of wood, which is used extensively in the home.

Since natural light was never compromised, the use of the rich dark wenge wood through the house was a natural choicekeeping a warm, earthy that that was contemporary at the same time

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At the entryway, to create a sense of privacy, a foyer was created using a partition a statement made by the serene Buddha, a glass painting in vibrant hues, encased in the dark wood accentuated with warm lighting. 

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The backlit Onyx stone used in the Bar unit and bench style seating added a little glamour and “oomph” factor to the otherwise minimalist setting with uncluttered walls, contrasted with dark wood and the luxurious expanse of Italian marble flooring. The accent walls in muted earthy colours echo the colours of the onyx.

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The modern white leather sofas and armchairs have a few cushions as colourful accents but otherwise maintain the contemporary tone of the interior. An interesting pendant light fixture as a focal point and draws the eye upwards, creating a sense of a large space. The coffee table is sleek and the decorative wall art kept to just one interesting piece. The greenery outdoors is further highlighted by no-fuss window treatments in subtle taupe and white. The moulding definition on the ceiling connects the various elements in the room and keeps everything well connected and in conversation.

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The dining table in modern but the curved edges of the furniture add a lot of visual interest and keep the space from being too linear in its definition. The natural appeal of wood is maintained with just a lighter tone of veneer serving as an accent. A long three-seater sofa balances the wall with the cabinetry that has cutwork panels, while the ochre walls add warmth to setting. The long sideboard on the other side has a TV placed above it making this an informal lounge area as well.

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The pooja door is in antique metal, with the same motif used on the sandstone mural. Textures, cladding and detailing have been used as accents and there are very little other artefacts in the home, keeping it simple and uncluttered, with synergy in design elements keeping various spaces connected.

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The kitchen was custom-fitted at site incorporating top of the line hardware and fixtures. The cream quartz countertop provides a sense of space to the kitchen and is a pleasant variation to done to deathgranite. Plenty of storage has been catered for as per the requirements of the Chandras and the design is focused on practical functionality with streamlined cabinetry.

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The bedrooms have a healthy dose of earthy colours infused in the décor, with the use of textured walls and drapes. The furniture is kept minimalist and the headboard panels are connected to the design used on the wardrobes, which are full-height and provide ample storage.

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Every bedroom has a small window seating area to enjoy that lazy afternoon with a book.

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The bathrooms continue the same colour tones as the rest of the home and maintain the modern minimalist approach while using wood and a dash of colour to keep its earthy appeal consistent with the rest of the home.