Beach Homes by Jeffrey Tohl in Malibu


garden design malibu-tohl

This house was originally built in the 1930s, located on the beach in Malibu Colony in California. The plot is narrow and Jeffrey Tohl was initially commissioned to carry out a partial renovation restricted to the kitchen and master bath. Malibu Beachside Homes

entryway malibu-tohl

This soon became a complete renovation project, the aim being to convert the structure into a modern beach house with a design framework that would focus on refined elegance combined with casual chic.

exterior wall cladding malibu-tohl

The first step was to bring the interior space into the 21st century. The design was very 60s and 70s in its character and to introduce an element of modernity one of the first things that Jeffrey did was to create expansive windows and doors and make the ocean view a point focus. Faux beams and other dated aspects were removed and materials, texture and colour palettes in contemporary definitions were used to create an understated elegance and cosy comfort vibe in the entire home.

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“Parts had been added to the original two-story house over the years, resulting in an eclectic mix of architectural styles – part beach cottage, clapboard style, Hawaiian and Victorian. The roof consisted of one very steep gable, with gables and dormers of differing slope and shape added to the original structure.

By removing the Hawaiian outrigger beams of the steep roof and adding exposed rafters with a continuous fascia to unify all the elements, we were able to clean up the roof lines. The new overall effect from the outside is one of unity and integration of forms.”

coastal living room malibu-tohl

As you enter the spacious living room the first thing you notice is the view of the ocean with the large wall to wall glazing. Faux beams were stripped and the ceiling height enhanced so that the coastal perspective is where the eye is drawn towards.

living room decor malibu-tohl

Distressed walnut plank flooring creates a distinct beach house appeal while a contemporary fireplace in honed limestone using aluminium bricks serves as a point focus in the visual framework.

The kitchen, which is to the left, was where the project started and this space was completely transformed to create an expansive and contiguous area with the dining and salon. Slatted white batten boards used for the cabintetry and a Brazilian Blue granite countertop keep the space casual contemporary.

The powder room on the right has a custom made cantilevered sink counter and the walls are clad in small Venetian glass tiles to add a touch of glamour.

Although mahogany is used in the home and bring in the added element of warmth and luxury, it is paired with glass, as is the case with the entry to the rear den where additional built-ins were also added. All internal doors and windows have been widened in the renovated structure.

There is also a small guest room on this floor, which has a large window seat as compared with a small bay window seating area in the old house. White hexagonal mosaic tiles and shite tile bricks combine with Romanesque tile patterns in the shower to create a theme.

There is also a beach spa adjacent to the guest bathroom and used primarily for showering and changing when you get back from the beach. The beach elevation features the high pitched roof form flanked by a new roof deck over the tea room below. There is a shade trellis that extends over the patio. A spa-like feeling was created by adding a multi-colour tile mosaic Jacuzzi. The patio flooring was replaced with Ipe wood decking.

outdoor furniture-malibu-tohl

An outdoor dining area was created between the house and Jacuzzi.

The walnut used on the flooring was also used on the staircase leading to the master bedroom and guest room on the upper floor. A new railing and decorative posts were added.

ceiling design-malibu-tohl

To cater for the maximum view of the ocean the windows in the master suite were given greater expanse both in terms of width and height. The pitched ceiling was given new panelling in wood and the exposed trusses given a smooth finish to look more contemporary.

The fireplace has an interesting cladding and forms part of a wall to wall storage unit with mirrors added to open up the space further. A modern neon artwork placed above the mantle create visual interest. The dark wood floors serve as the perfect foil for the muted colour palette used in the room and create a warmth in a predominantly white room.

The master bath has marble, stone and tile in a synchronised palette with its wall pushing into the guest room area. Glass is used extensively as in other parts of the home to create a sense of spaciousness.