Coimbatore Hotel: Aloft

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It’s not without reason that Coimbatore has earned the title of ‘Manchester of South India’. The second largest city in the state and a booming commercial centre, this dynamic city is bustling with energy. Ruled by the Cheras, Cholas, Pandavas and then a part of the glorious Vijayanagara empire, the city derives its name from a chieftain called Koyan, and over time, Koyanputhur (new town of Koyan) changed to what we call it today—Coimbatore.

Situated on the banks of the Noyyal River and surrounded by the Western Ghats, Coimbatore is a city that has grown over the past few decades— from a quaint town to a frequented metropolis, ranking 17 among the top global outsourcing cities in the world. Called Manchester of the South due to its extensive textile industries supported by surrounding cotton fields, the city also has important hosiery and poultry industries. Coimbatore Hotel

Though generally considered a traditional city, Coimbatore is more diverse and cosmopolitan than most other cities in Tamil Nadu. A popular center for the performing arts, with concerts and performances held in the months from September to December. For those planning a short stay, Aloft Hotels Singanallur offers a stylish modern setting. Less that 4 kms from the airport, this hotel targets the urban professional who is looking for a combination of trendy and technology.

Nestled comfortably at the foothills of the Nilgiris, the hotel offers a spectacular view of the surroundings without compromising on the city buzz. It isn’t the usual ambience you would expect in a luxury hotel. Aloft is decidedly hip and urban—at least in terms of décor.

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Contemporary to the core—bold designs, bright colours, striking combinations and eclectic nuances— all assembled elegantly to create an ambience of vibrant luxury. For a moment you may just think your flight route got diverted to Hawaii. The fun starts right at the entrance, where the visitors help desk cleverly called the “Aloha desk” becomes the attention magnet given its interesting circular shape and use of colour.

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It is almost as if the management is trying to tell you, “we know you are here on business, but now that you are here, kick off your shoes and relax…till your next meeting!”

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Modern minimalism with a dominant element of art deco forms the core of the design. Sleek lines and clean surfaces are complemented with colour in the form of bold stripes and panelling highlighting an essential streamlined funk.

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The lounge has all the right curves from the seating to the patterns in the rugs, while the geometric focus is carried through in all elements from the lighting to the flooring.

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The rooms, designed to transport you to another dimension, have colour palettes in calming hues of blue and grey, with wooden panelling that exudes warmth being further defined by the use of subtle textures.

Bedroom Aloft

Bedroom India Aloft 4

Just the right touch of ‘bold’ is brought in through interesting wall art.

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The extensive use of whites, in the bed linen and walls, help accentuate the contrasting colours of the striped cushions and the dual tone benches facing the bed. The carpeting continues the linear focus, which finds expression throughout the hotel. In keeping with the demands of today’s traveller, the hotel is completely ‘wired’ in.

With a focus on today’s generation, a fitness centre is an absolute must. The bold striped flooring of the gym create the right mood to help you get your day started on a high dose of energy. If work happens to be in the hotel, then the bold patterns in the large conference room add spunk to a corporate space.

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If stripes aren’t your thing, the second conference room has a bold concentric circle patterned carpet. The walls retain the element of texture and pattern but subtlety is maintained by using muted colour tones.

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Plenty of urban influences in design, while state of the art technology make these conference rooms ideal for corporate visitors.

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You can’t get much work done on an empty stomach and for that the first stop is re:Fuel. Contemporary, functional and highly interactive.

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Flooring Aloft 6

For a more hearty meal head on over to Dot: Yum, the coffee shop with dark wood panelling reiterating the geometric focus in every aspect of the décor, from the chairs to the lighting fixtures. Definitely more ‘let’s get down to business’ ambience here.

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For the unwind, there is a quaint Mediterranean restaurant—Estia— which almost immediately transports you to a café on the Greek islands.

Window Design India Aloft 30

You suddenly have a postcard picture in your mind— whether it be the blue domes of Santorini or the windmills of Mykonos.

Texture India Aloft 29

With its textured white walls, stone clad highlights and slate flooring, your appetite for delectable mediterranean cuisine is a given.

Dining Place India Aloft 39

The setting is casual and rustic, with wrought iron furniture and wooden benches serving to take you away from everything urban.

Ceiling Design India Aloft 24

The round white pebbles and tones of aquamarine almost tempt you to peek out of the arched windows, expecting to see the azure Mediterranean Sea.

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Of course, for some people unwind is all about a heady mix of music and cocktails—which is why WXYZ is there.Lights India Aloft 16

A bar to take you to the end of alphabet zoo and sign off for the day. At least, in terms of work.

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For the traveller open to possibilities, Aloft Hotels is a modern, fresh, and fun destination. A place with great energy and opportunities for the pit-stopper with a taste and inclination for fun.

Even if you are on a business trip you can have fun on and off the hotel premises. To start, take a dip in the refreshing ‘Splash’ outdoor pool or take a walk outside the premises, grazing the foot of the Nilgiris and on your way, perhaps even paying homage at the Marudamalai Hindu temple. If outdoors are your thing, visit the Annamalai Wildlife Sanctuary—home to tigers, panthers, civet cats and birds. Coimbatore also boasts of spectacular waterfalls such as the majestic Kovai Kutralam Falls.

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Whatever your reason for visiting Coimbatore, Aloft is sure to be an experience that you did not expect to find here.