Copenhagen Boutique Hotel: Fox

Hotel Fox, in Copenhagen, should definitely be on your list of ‘must see-must stay in’ hotels of the world, quite simply for its uniqueness.

This hotel is run by the Danish hotel chain, the Brochner group, which is owned by the Brochner-Mortensen family.

The Brochner group was founded in 1982, and today, they run a number of hotels, some within Copenhagen itself.

Copenhagen is the capital city of Denmark and also its most populous city. The cityscape is beautiful and is somewhat like what you see in the movies or in paintings with its old bridges and tunnels, promenades and waterfronts.

Copenhagen is sometimes known as the ‘city of spires’ because of its skyline. Over the years this city has seen many architectural changes and inclusions that have given it a more modern touch.

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Hotel Fox is a boutique art hotel which was launched in 2005 as part of Volkswagen’s campaign for the car of the same name. Coming back to why this hotel is so unique: each room(sixty one in all), feels and looks like a personal art gallery!

There’s a story behind that — twenty one artists (from the fields of graphic design, urban art and illustration) were commissioned to design the rooms in whichever way they liked, with absolutely no restrictions on them.

This resulted in sixty-one exclusive pieces of art where everything from carpets and furnishings to lamps and wall murals were created specifically for that single room. The artists include Tokidoki, Genevieve Gauckler, Boris Hoppek, Antoine et Manuel, Martin Lorenz, Birgit Amadori, Ariel Aguilera, Kim Hiorthoy, to name a few! When all these creative geniuses got to work, the rooms looked nothing less than masterpieces!

Each designer room comes with its own theme coupled with bright and original decor and a three dimensional feel to it —now wouldn’t you want to be a part of that experience?!

Hotel Fox is quite centrally located with buses and metro stations right there! The airport is only fifteen minutes away by metro.

The Fox being set in the midst of ‘Pisserenden’, which is the city’s happening Latin Quarter, guests at the hotel can easily walk it to the streets here that are lined with shops, art galleries, bars, restaurants and vintage cafes.

The Fox is also roughly a ten-minute walk from the Tivoli amusement park and the City Hall Square.

Apart from the city’s numerous churches and parks, one must also visit the Little Mermaid Statue, the Rosenberg Castle, the Thorvalsden Museum and the Copenhagen Concert Hall. Hotel Fox has made it even easier to visit all these places of interest with its new, eco friendly, electric car venture.

The Brochner group of hotels prides itself on being the first carbon neutral hotel group in the world and as part of this environment friendly initiative they’ve acquired electric cars which will transport their guests to all the local attractions and back! The Fox’s ‘uniqueness’ is evident even in their approach to sightseeing!

The sumptuous breakfast buffet at Hotel Fox is just what you need to start your day — a high quality and healthy selection of organic breads, cold-cuts, yoghurts, smoothies and shakes! The Hero Restaurant at Hotel Fox is quite a popular joint with the locals and the tourists. This Japanese street kitchen styled restaurant is located on the ground floor of the hotel. It’s stylish, inviting and reasonably priced. The menu comprises of much more than just sushi — a delicious range of snacks, salads, yakitori (skewered meats), sashimi and a variety of sweets. The Fox Bar and Lounge has a great selection of drinks, and they’re famous for their signature drink — World’s Best Gin and Tonic, which is known to be true to its name. If you’re there during Wine Hour, you could even have a glass of wine on the house while you socialise with the hip and happening crowd!

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Guests at Hotel Fox can avail of the Ni’mat Spa facilities that are available at its sister hotel- Hotel Kong Arthur. The Ni’mat Massage and Spa is Copenhagen’s biggest spa and has quite a varied number of wellness facilities to choose from. The atmosphere itself spells relaxation and calm with its deep coloured walls, Buddha statues and soothing music. You can even use the gym over here which will give you a first-rate fitness experience! There are bikes available for rent at Hotel Fox; travel around the town the ‘Copenhagen’ way, as it is one of the most famous biking cities in the world!

The Hotel Fox motto “With our hearts in it” indeed stands true with their fine hospitality and ability to make each guest feel special. So are you ready to embark on this one of a kind journey called Fox?!

The rooms come in four sizes: small, medium, large and extra-large, in varying degrees of kitsch.

All rooms have attached bathrooms, televisions and wi-fi connectivity.

While rooms 217 and 307 resemble a forest with murals of trees and an orange and white themed décor, room 212 will transport you to the land of the Geishas.

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Room 309 has a club-lounge feel with its red and black decor and wrought iron furniture while room 402 exudes a regal charm with its velvet purple and black colour combination and artfully hung frames!

For all you ‘Rocky’ fans, room 504 is definitely the one — everything from the posters to the punching bags to the authentic boxing logos on the bed linen will remind you of a boxing ring!

Rooms 214 and 116 are vibrant and visually dazzling with an assortment of dreamscapes and fantasy worlds; you’ll feel like one of the characters from the popular children’s books who find themselves in a magical new universe!

Some of the rooms have a typical Japanese-animation feel to them while some others look like they were subject to a pop-art graffiti contest!

Every detail in each room has been infused with either popular culture and street fashion or minimalist line art!

Imagine waking up to something as exciting as that!!