Delhi House Interior Design: Studio An-V-Thot

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Studio An-V-Thot Architects Pvt.Ltd. was founded in 2009 by architects Ankita Sweety and Pratyoosh Chandan. The name An-V- Thot which means ‘followed by a thought’ is derived from two words – ‘anvit’ which means followed by in Sanskrit and ‘thought’ (English).

The motto of Studio AVT, in their words is — “We intend to breathe.”

They strive to convert thoughts into reality, looking beyond the built frame and design to develop spaces where the sentiments of the occupants are encapsulated, thereby giving them a sense of belonging. In a short span of time, Studio AVT has gained widespread recognition for their numerous architectural and interior projects. Delhi House Design

Ankita Sweety graduated with flying colours from NIT Patna and thereafter worked with a leading design firm in New Delhi for 2 years. While pursuing architecture at NIT, she won many design contests – both at the national and state levels. This talented architect is a visiting faculty at an architectural college in Gurgaon and is India’s editing member for World Architecture Community.

Pratyoosh Chandan graduated in architectural technology and construction management from Rai University. Thereafter he worked for 3 years with a reputed firm in Delhi, handling many projects of diverse nature. Subsequently, he proceeded to the UK to pursue his architectural critique from the University of Brighton.

Within a short span of time Studio AVT has gained widespread recognition for their work and has been featured in many publications – Inside Outside magazine, Design Matrix, Architecture + Design, to name a few. They won ‘Emerging Interior Designers of the Year: Era Fame Awards 2013’.

Studio AVT designs an apartment in Delhi, transforming it into a beautiful and modern space to the delight of their clients.

“It’s always an overwhelming feeling to be invited within the private periphery of a family in an emotional and personal context. The outcome can be taken to a beautiful level only when a designer is made to experience and touch the warmth of the family he/she intends to design for.

Such was the trust that Neelima and Kapil Verma placed in us when they approached us to design the 1650-square foot apartment.”

The greenery in front of the apartment was drawn into the visual framework while planning the renovations. The space was de-cluttered and rectangular spaces were created in a seamless pattern with some civil alterations. Clever design also facilitates lots of storage in the dining as well as bedrooms at the rear. Thematic straight lines on to the horizontal axis form the conceptual basis of the design. The colour palette is predominantly whites and greys with bold splashes of bright colours that enhance the spaces. Modern minimalism and traditional warmth hold hands to create beautiful interiors.

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The entrance door opens into an open foyer, along which runs the living dining area; the unified space giving an illusion of spaciousness. The areas are demarcated cleverly by varying ceiling heights. The kitchen is adjacent the dining space, on to the left of the foyer.

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The living room has a wine sectional sofa with vibrant cushions. Sheer drapes in the living dining area enable maximum utilisation of the soothing view.

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A well-designed coffee table has hidden storage designed in the form of pull out drawers – this, as well as the depression in the plank behind the sofa, for displaying books are noteworthy elements.

Lighting is used cleverly throughout this apartment, creating beautiful effects.

Backlit laser cut wooden panels with floral patterns are used on the wall, pendant lights and chandeliers are used to create an element of visual interest, while niches are lit to create a warm ambience.

The false ceiling is simple and creates enough ambient light for the living spaces.

Interesting add-ons as design features also focus on lighting such as the dining table or the sideboard that has concealed lighting below.

“The end product is achieved through various design levels; the initial idea was to remove clutter and obstructions to create a seamless and free flowing area.

To enhance and accentuate the whites and greys, bright colour insertions were brought in through furnishings.

Through every corner of the living and dining room, one can enjoy the greenery that the apartment overlooks, which is heightened with the use of just sheer drapes.”

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“Minimalism can be seen on the shelf behind the sofa in the living room where a dedicated space for books and novels is created through a depression on the plank. The centre table is a square shaped piece with voids and planks on the horizontal axis of varying depth that also caters to hidden storages as pullout drawers for stacking newspapers and magazines.

Overall, this house can be seen as a take on contemporary India with traditional aspects blending in with modern influences.”

“Focal points were determined and developed to bring in a lot of storage in an aesthetically pleasing manner. This can be seen on the wall adjoining the dining area as well as the enclosed area between the rear bedrooms. Attention to thematically bring in straight lines on to the horizontal axis of the house was the conceptual basis while designing this apartment. The coffee table in the living room exemplifies the concept.

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One of the key elements of the house was the dining table for its placement in the central area and its high visibility factor. It was designed in a way to have an off-centred support which runs below the table and goes on to meet the pebble-bed below the storages on the wall. The dining table has a backlit glass top with visible frames of wood to maintain the harmony and balance from the top.

Traditional inserts can be seen at various intervals through backlit laser cut floral patterns. Similar floral pattern is also present throughout the ceiling by using wallpaper which runs through the common areas. “

“Planning is such that as the door opens, you reach an open foyer acting as a threshold between the inside and the outside.

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The living and the dining area run along the foyer, the space distinctions are designed to be felt at only the ceiling level with the play of level differences at many places such as dropped down foyer ceiling as well as the enclosed area between the rear bedrooms.

The kitchen is onto the left of the foyer, adjacent to the dining area. The master bedroom is onto the front corner of the house facing the pleasing green belt in the front. The dining and the living area are united into one space to magnify the expanse of vision.”

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Warm earthy tones are used in the master bedroom which benefits from the view of the greenery facing the apartment as it is situated in one corner, towards the front portion.

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Ample storage coated in white pigment paint to tone down a heavy look and a high back bed with a tufted headboard in cappuccino keeps the decor simple and restrained. Asymmetrical side tables that are integrated with the bed and headboard make stylish companions for the bed.

The roman blinds in a classical jacquard design make the space look more formal, while the splashes of green and red in the furnishings introduce an element of cheerfulness. Again, pendant lighting is used to create visual interest.

The two bedrooms at the rear have private balconies and washrooms.

The space connecting it has a high console in white enhanced by two Moroccan hanging lights and a creeper.

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One of the rooms is the kid’s bedroom and here yellows and greens liven up the canvas of beige to create a cheerful and playful atmosphere. A blue wall with cuboids for storage adds to the vibrancy of the space. Storage is painted in matt finish and the cupboards on the opposite wall have panels in whites and yellows enhanced by colourful custom made handles.