Delhi Interior Designer: Shalini Ganguli

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Shalini Ganguli pursued a career in advertising (as a writer) for many years until she felt the urge to change track. She decided to take up interior designing, which according to her was something outside her comfort zone. Her home in Delhi became a testing ground and in the process of designing and decorating it, Shalini realised that her new found passion gave her much joy and admits to being addicted to it ever since. Delhi Interior Designer

The interior design of Shalini’s home is still evolving, but the process has been set in motion and even at this early stage, the talented owner’s personality and tastes are well reflected in the décor. Having handpicked, designed and customised each and every piece to her liking, Shalini ensures that her home evolves into a chic yet warm and welcoming place.

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By choosing a colour scheme that does not veer entirely towards either a masculine or feminine palette and maintaining a perfect balance between classical and modern elements, Shalini has achieved a harmonious blend of old and modern.

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Antiques and bespoke pieces in adequate doses enhance the overall appeal.

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Shalini says that her guest room needed an extensive revamp. The room looked dull and drab, the furniture was not to her liking and the carpet had been damaged by her puppy, Zara. There was nothing worthwhile in the space, reminisces Shalini, except the beautiful wooden flooring. Shalini transformed the space from a drab and lifeless one into an aesthetically pleasing and vibrant space.

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The net window panels were removed to make way for chic blinds in horizontally striped fabric.

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A sectional sofa, custom made to Shalini’s liking was upholstered in an elegant fabric in a neutral grey shade.

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Cushions, in florals, black and white stripes as well as pale pink, enhanced the sofa further.

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The new rug in black and white chevron design anchors the colour scheme beautifully and the plump floor cushions resting on it – one plain and the other floral — break the monotony and co-ordinate well with the cushions on the sofa.

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Black and white prints of Hollywood stars in white frames look perfect on the wall behind the sectional, tying up the colour scheme and décor perfectly.

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Two beautiful armchairs (period pieces) hand picked by Shalini, got a face-lift with new upholstery in houndstooth fabric.

Shalini’s affinity to her hometown drew her to her favourite stores in Calcutta, in search of fabrics. Hence, most of the fabrics came from there, with a few purchased in Delhi. Shalini took her time in making the selection. The only hurdle was when the fabric sourced from Calcutta ran short, but that was overcome after a bit of running around!

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Another pop of colour is brought is using posters of all-time favourites Jimi Hendrix and The Beatles, complementing the black and white frames. Fresh flowers on the sleek console give a refreshing touch.

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Neutral colour palette (grey, white and black), offset by cheerful doses of colour, custom made as well as handpicked furniture and artefacts and above all, an eye for detail, has transformed Shalini’s guest room and in the process the designer in her is unleashed!

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After much contemplation, I’ve finally gotten down to what I hope is my true calling.— decorating homes. And I’m starting with mine. Of course, it’s a slow process, but it’s something I’m falling madly in love with.

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Especially waking up every morning excited about something.