Designing a Leisure Lounge: Sonia Sumant

Leisure lounge is our little getaway, that special place in our home where we retreat to engage in our favourite activities. A room not bigger than 250 square feet needed to be converted into a lounge area which could accommodate a book-shelf, study, storage, loft, a bar, and a cabinet for our collection of shot glasses as well as a space for Bipin’s collection of drums—some from West Africa and the Middle East. The challenge was to make the room look larger, trendy and artistic, without making it look cluttered, despite the numerous things to be accommodated within.


We started with the tiling of the floor as well as demolishing a wall and re-buiding it. The wall was brought down completely and fitted with glass instead, opening out onto the porch. This made the room look larger and open. Bipin and I like the rustic look of terracotta tiles, hence we decided to go with it for the flooring. We decided to use bold tiles as the room is in the east and gets bathed in sunlight.


The next stage was painting the walls. The tiles we chose were a dark shade, so we kept the wall colour light, to visually enlarge the area. The wall was given a rough texture with white cement, base coated with light yellow colour and highlighted with a touch of ivory colour wash. The effect is rustic yet modern and fresh.


Our collection of over 140 shot glasses, from our travels all over the world had to be displayed in style. Now we have a cabinet to showcase these.

Next came the innovative bar.

A hand-made painting with miniature bottles studded on the door of the bar makes it unique and funky! We also made a mobile wine cellar, with bottle holders and a tray.


We made an elevated platform to place Bipin’s collection of drums. Music is his passion, but living in an apartment has its constraints. The elevated platform cuts down the noise and vibrations, when Bipin plays his drums.

The elevation of the platform allows for storage space underneath.

On completion of this project, we were happy and satisfied to have a space with a place for everything we wanted to accommodate within, a special place where we can relax with a glass of wine and enjoy our favourite pastimes.


Both of us are voracious readers and love books. A wall mounted book-case took care of space for more than 200 books.


We added a small window-like feature to the book-shelf, with zig- zag shelves, backlit with LED lights. Some curios picked up during our travels add spunk to this space.


The flexibility of my work offers me the choice of working out of home sometimes. To accommodate my files and other things, a long desk was made with two storage cabinets.

The one on the left side of the desk is fixed, while the other one on the right is movable, in order to enable two people to use the desk, if need be.