Fashion Store Interior Design Bangalore: Avirate

An adaptation from the Sanskrit word ‘Avirati’, meaning sensuality, Aviraté is an international high-street fashion label which launched their flagship store in Bangalore last year. With its international range of fashion wear, it offers every woman a stylish and sophisticated experience she just would not want to miss. Aviraté launched its first international store in Sri Lanka in 2010. Store Interior Design

The Aviraté store in Bangalore is the first and only store in Bangalore to offer a personalised shopping experience to every woman who walks through the door. This gives each client the freedom to express herself through a wide and versatile range of fashion wear, whilst offering her the comfort of expert advice, should she require it.

The flagship Aviraté store in India is fitted out with clean spacious interiors, great lighting, and modern fixtures. Aviraté is characterised by its stark exterior – a façade of black and white glass accentuated by gold-coloured signage. At night, part of its façade comes alive as a screen.

The latest Aviraté creations greet the customer at the entrance. A welcoming ambience is created through black, white and gold mannequins and a metallic chandelier that showers down in gold.

The backdrop of the cashier’s desk is embossed with black silhouettes on gold fabric, illuminated from above and framed by white walls.

Glossy white tiled floors complement the stark black and white interior of the store with a textured dull gold ceiling that weaves its way through the various spaces, binding them together. The store has dedicated display areas for a range of Aviraté products.

Display units in the casual wear section feature bent stainless steel pipes juxtaposed against a textured wall with timber panelling. Creative manipulation of the light that filters down on the display units enhances the overall ambience of the store.

A gold sculpture placed in a white-pebbled extension amplifies the quality of space in the casual wear section. A glass roof above the sculpture filters daylight into the room and in the adjacent area, leather lounge chairs with glass coffee tables make for a comfortable seating area. The trial rooms are spacious in design, fitted with timber floors and large mirrors.

The evening wear section – the most prized among Aviraté’s collection – features an overhead plane of patterned glass that flanks a reclining mannequin at the centre of the room.

Evening attire is displayed alongside textured glass panels that are lit from behind and enhanced by black-carpeted floors.

A timber staircase with stainless steel and glass balustrades complements the stylish interior. One side of the staircase is adorned with a display unit featuring an illuminated pane of printed glass at its centre, with accessories displayed on either side.

This can also be seen from the outdoor café, beckoning customers to explore the store. The staircase landing showcases new designs on stainless steel and timber shelving units.

The shoes and bags section on the first floor portray curvilinear timber shelves, forming a variety of interesting display units that are highlighted against a black painted wall.

The central stainless steel and glass units showcase handbags and shoes.

The Aviraté café offers a variety of coffee, cakes and sandwiches in an intimate environment consisting of timber floors, black, white and gray interiors accentuated with lime green, black and orange graphics that decorate its walls. The café also consists of an outdoor extension, a timber deck to relax in the shade of a large tree.

Casual wear and accessories are displayed on white frit glass shelves against a black background. A combination of wall niches and stainless steel pipes on timber panelling for hanging dresses adds to the graceful interior.

A floral timber trellis is used at the entrance to the lingerie section whilst black frit glass shelving is brought in sharp focus by the textured surface behind.