Hong Kong Luxury Hotel: Luxe Manor

The Luxe Manor Hotel in Hong Kong is no ordinary boutique hotel; in fact it’s nothing like what you may have seen or experienced before! This stylish surrealism inspired 14-floor property is owned by GR8 Leisure Concept Ltd. Group. The Luxe Manor is at the heart of Hong Kong’s Tsim Sha Tsui area of Kowloon district. This erstwhile industrial district is now a gourmet neighbourhood of international cuisines and Tsim Sha Tsui in particular is known for its entertainment, shopping and museums besides dining! The Luxe Manor, pronounced ‘Deluxe Manor’, is quite centrally located and just steps away from all the exciting places of interest such as the charming Nathan Road and the enclave of bars and restaurants known as Knutsford Terrace.

Don’t be fooled by the rather discreet entrance to Luxe Manor, the stately looking building doesn’t reveal much about its interior; once you’re inside, a whole new realm of kitsch awaits you! The lobby itself will overwhelm you with its rich hues of red, gold and black with velvet, the mirrored walls and exquisite chandeliers, an assortment of designer armchairs and a mosaic patterned floor which is adorned with a large clock and compass! Do I hear some gasps?! That is just the beginning of it!

Throughout the hotel you’ll find an eclectic mix of European and Oriental decor with post-modern influences — it’s a like a celebration of the abstract and the unusual! And the kitsch factor permeates each of the 159 rooms and suites as well. Each of these accommodations is furnished with quirky decor like pretty empty frames on the walls, flat screen televisions framed by antique picture frames, funky and bold patterned carpets, string curtains, cute storage spaces, faux painted fireplaces, interesting lighting with lamps that have cocker spaniel statue bases and what not! Despite the fun element, there’s no compromise on other important aspects in the rooms; the beds are large and comfortable, the bathrooms are clean and spacious and you are provided with all the amenities that you need!

To get an actual sense of the Luxe Manor though, you need to stay in any one of their 6 themed suites; each of these larger than life lairs is a special experience, complete with a bedroom, living room, attached bathroom as well as an additional powder room.

The Safari Suite is wonderfully warm and inviting— this Arabian-Moroccan themed suite has a silken canopied ceiling and as you dim the lights, you can see stars twinkling above the canopy. The work desk in this suite is completely in leather and resembles a classic travel kit. Beautiful and intricate Moroccan hanging lanterns will bedazzle you while other little Arabian accents throughout the suite will engulf you in a kind of exotic charm.

The Nordic Suite is in sharp contrast to the Safari Suite in terms of colour and decor. Ever been in a ‘glacial’ suite? You could experience just that in the icy themed Nordic Suite. Everything about this suite right from the ice-sculpted look-a-like furniture and bathroom fittings to the soft lighting and the cool blue headboard as well as the carpet will make you feel like you’re in the Narnia fairytale; don’t be surprised if you start dreaming of mystical furry creatures coming out of the wardrobes!

Glam up for the Royale Suite, which is evidently quite a hit with the models and the divas! This suite screams opulence with its silver lace-motif wall paper, plush sofas in a hot red, sprawling zebra printed rug, chocolate brown drapes, mirrored tables that almost blend in with the wall and some of the most beautiful chandeliers and designer lamps. Even the bathroom has been designed to pamper you with twin wash basins and a long bath and shower! You want to feel like a celebrity?……..this is it.

The Mirage Suite is simply extraordinary — nothing is at it seems in this surreal suite. The curtains have been made to look like trailing long blonde hair while a painting conceals the flat screen television. Fun accessories and furniture are strewn all over the room, the bedside table is quite a mystery and mastery in itself since it looks tilted although the surface is perfectly normal, the doors have five identical door knobs which leave you utterly confused as to which is the functional one and the foot mats and rugs resemble a pile of clothes lying on the ground as they’re outlined in shapes of shirts and trousers.

Flummoxed yet? A chair made of wood has been designed and painted in such a way that it looks like a white plastic chair, it’s only when you sit on it that you realise the weight of it! The cleverly painted walls play tricks with your eyes while the faces painted onto the cushion covers make you wonder whether they’re actually looking at you. Details like these make this suite one of the most ‘fun’ suites ever!

The Chic Suite is ‘elegance personified’ with posh seating, mirrored bathrooms and a general ambience of sophistication while the Liaison Suite has a wonderful romantic aura about it with its use of soft muted tones and prints including light cream patterned walls. What makes the latter all the more special is its round bespoke bed. With such extraordinary suites you really don’t need to go anyplace else to indulge in whimsical flights of fancy!

Speaking of which, the Luxe Manor’s Dada Bar and Lounge, inspired by the 20th century Dadaist Art Movement, takes unconventional decor to a whole new level! Located on the 2nd floor of the hotel, the Dada Bar and Lounge is a jazz bar with an eclectic vibe; an assortment of unusual pieces of furniture in contrasting patterns and shapes including arm chairs with heart shaped back rests and rich velvet quilted chaise lounges in colours such as red, deep purple, and brown have been put together to create different cosy nooks within this room. The bar itself is quite glitzy looking with beast heads peering out from either corner. Relax and enjoy the resident live band’s performances while expert mixologist Sam Limbu stirs up some interesting cocktails for you!

FINDS is one of Luxe Manor’s fine dining restaurants as well as Hong Kong’s only Nordic restaurant. FINDS stands for Finland, Iceland, Norway, Denmark and Sweden, but over the years has come to be known as Food, Ideas, Nighlife, Drinks and Service. It has a lovely ambience with its lime green and wood interiors. The restaurant even has a large picture of a burning wood fire. The ‘green’ coupled with the wooden beams makes you feel like you’re enjoying a meal in the heart of a Scandinavian forest! Make sure you take your appetite along because the restaurant’s award winning Chef, Jakko Sorsa will surely surprise you with some delectable Nordic specialities as well exciting Molecular Mixology Cocktails.

G.E or Gastronomy Extraordinaire is the hotel’s other restaurant whose interiors resemble a train carriage. The main wall adorns a large clock that ticks backwards— bizarre yet interesting! Chef Bonelli’s carefully crafted large course meals will do much more than just satiate your stomach. At G.E, you can opt to dine in any one of the three private dining rooms namely Heaven, Hell and Garden of Eden. Heaven is decorated in pristine white with curtains resembling the wings of an angel while Hell, on the other hand has decor in a bold black and red combination. While the chef whips up your meal you will be left marvelling at the grandeur of ‘Hell’ including the long mirrors, chandeliers, life-sized candles and the molten lava like flooring. The Garden of Eden dining room indeed looks like a garden with a green carpeted floor and floral patterned walls and ceiling. Where else will you find such a variety of dining options and such whacky ones at that?

The Luxe Manor spares no expenses in creating that perfect fairytale like experience for its guests; it’s unlike any other boutique hotel and that is why I know exactly where I’m going on my next vacation! How about you?!