Interior Photography: Andreas Markou

Andreas Markou was born in 1984 in Athens, Greece. After high school, he studied photography in Athens (2004-2006). During this period he worked at an advertising company where he was trained in digital processing and still-life photography. Interior Photography

His work experience includes three years (2007-2009) at a studio, specialising in food photography as well as in interior space photography, through commissions from interior designers. These days, his main subject of work is interior design and food photography though he often shoots weddings and music concerts. Besides photography, he stays connected with nature through sport activities like rock climbing, hiking and cycling.

Andreas created his portfolio with photoshoot assignments for interior designers and a few hotels. All images are edited in raw format and processed in Photoshop for more detailed corrections such as lens perspective faults and spot removal This talented photographer uses just daylight to shoot spaces and thereafter combines different exposures to achieve balanced brightness and a natural look on the final image. This is his preferred style, so he always avoids artificial light (flash or tungsten), except in cases where the artificial light available may be used as an essential element to get a better image.

This home, located in Anixi, one of the northern suburbs of Athens, has been photographed by Andreas. This family home was renovated in November 2012 in order to house a young couple and their future family. The owners’ wish was to have a pleasant, uniform space – relaxed in ambience yet dynamic.

The sleek, modern minimalist design follows a monochromatic palette. Glossy surfaces, mostly in white, are offset with black and small doses of colour to add interest. Wood adds dimension to the design, without overpowering it. Texture is formulated by way of rugs and furnishings as well as flooring. Walls are white, adding to the sleek, clean look. Large fenestrations dressed in glass are dressed in elegant blinds – complementing the minimalist design flow.

The furniture and objects selected for this home are timeless pieces such as the sofa and the coffee table which is a design from 1927 by the famous architect Le Corbusier. Black leather and sleek exposed metal frames look classy and paired with a stylish coffee table in metal and glass, the beautiful couches look even classier, set atop wooden flooring. The dark rug looks perfect as well. Expansive French windows in glass have the perfect partners in non-fussy neutral blinds.

The dramatic staircase with its curving railings and balustrades in black,takes centrestage in terms of the visual, while leading to the loft-level study with white bookshelves running wall to wall.

The dining room table and chairs are “Tulip”, a design by Eero Saarinen from 1957. Set atop a textured rug in neutral tones, mimicking a pebbled look, the beauty of the glossy white table and chairs is magnified!

The lounge has a contemporary sectional couch – the upholstery continuing the neutral colour palette theme. Black and white cushions on the couch, black ottomans and a sleek metal and glass coffee table atop a contemporary rug projecting an abstract design work perfectly in creating clutter free, modern décor. A hint of red on the rug aids in breaking the monotony. Picture perfect is the abstract artwork in black and white and grey, on the wall.

The media unit is sleek and serves the purpose of hiding all the clutter (radiator, TV chords, sockets ,etc) – the dark horizontal panelled section beautifully contrasting the white base.

Sleek units in the same vein (bookcase, wardrobe in the entrance hall,

cabinetry in the bathroom and kitchen) throughout the house offer clever storage solutions and keeps clutter at bay.

Double height ceilings add to the modern and trendy look and so does the lighting – binding the design with a flourish!!! A multi-faceted mirror right next to the windows bounces the light even more and adds a touch of glamour.

The kitchen in sleek and modern with wooden cabinetry, neutral and earthy tiles and flooring to complement. The breakfast table touching the back of a counter is modern and task lighting fixed against the side of the drop ceiling shines down on the countertop. The appliances are built-in, giving an uncluttered look. A bit of nature and a touch of colour comes in the form of small potted plants.