Malibu Homes—Architect Jeffrey Tohl—Broadbeach

A vacation home on the Malibu beachfront in California was given a complete facelift by Jeffrey Tohl.

The clients had a specific budget and the design brief for this 4000 square-foot home was primarily to create an informal coastal style home with an emphasis on simplicity, comfort and understated elegance.

The exterior was basic and Jeffrey’s first task was to give this more definition using warm natural materials and accents, work on the landscaping and create a more lively entrance both from the street access and the beach front entrance.

As always, Jeffrey’s main focus was on maximising the natural aspects and focusing on the spectacular view of the Pacific ocean.

The outdated rear pavilion was transformed using an overhead trellis with protection panels for the dining area and various seating options for entertaining.

In the living room, large floor to ceiling glass windows combined with a raised ceiling create a sense of expanse and also enable views of the ocean.

The connecting windows were also opened up so that the main lobby and kitchen area could also benefit from the cross ventilations, natural light and spaciousness. Making the space more interactive and flowing seamlessly from one to another.

The wooden furniture is rustic and several pieces are in a raw, distressed finish. The palette is monochromatic beige with the occasional splash of blue in the furnishings and accents and bold swathes of green brought in using indoor plants. The idea being to soak in the abundance of nature and focus on the view. Natural materials are used throughout the space with glass and sleek lines being the predominant modern additions.

The kitchen is modern and fuss-free, but has a lot of warmth in it using accents like rugs and window frames in wood, the same frames carried throughout the house and the wooden staircase further echoing the warmth.

The master suite on the upper floor has warm wooden flooring and a skylight that bathes the room in light. The wall to wall windows give a spectacular view of the ocean while the muted furnishings and wicker accents enhance the beach house feel.

The modern fireplace clad in grey slate brings in a touch of modern, while mirrored nightstands add a touch of glam. Woven baskets, storage chests and rustic accents used throughout the home add to the beach house aesthetic while keeping the home grounded in contemporary definitions.

Interior changes were limited to removing distracting architectural elements that either lowered the ceiling heights or made the spaces feel closed in. Now, an open, light-filled interior provides a continuous theme throughout, and new and crisp materials added to the fireplaces, kitchen and master suite elevate the level of sophistication and elegance.

Like the kitchen, the bathrooms are decidedly 21st century and continues the emphasis on large windows to bring the outdoors in. Aqua green tiles further accentuate the marine framework while glass and mirrors double the space in visual terms. Rustic elements are brought in using wicker and bamboo, while wood adds the warmth that keeps the interior cosy and comfortable. Indoor plants are used in abundance throughout the home.

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