Miama Beach Apartment: Andreaa Avram Rusu

Romanian born Andreea Avram Rusu’s multi-dimensional talents and multi-cultural heritage are well reflected in her work. Andreea has a degree in Architecture from the University of Texas, Austin. She loves to paint, draw and sculpt and admits that she is drawn towards contemporary art and sculpture – the many elements of both these art forms influence her work tremendously.

Andreea globe-trots frequently, loves the urban lifestyle and is also a tango dancer. This talented lady worked for a year in Paris with Atelier Christian de Portzamparc and then moved to New York. After a stint at Bromley Caldari Architects, in 2004, she founded her studio – Avram Rusu, on the Brooklyn waterfront. This multi-disciplinary design studio specialises in innovative high-end products as well as architecture and highly personalised, luxurious interiors.

It is quite evident that Andreea loves her work – be it the highly stylised interiors she designs and executes or the unique and stylish products crafted at her studio.

Every aspect of her work interests her – from designing the overall space to custom made furniture down to selecting the fixtures, finishes, lighting, fabrics and even art and accessories. Her eye for detail and emphasis on high quality and perfection is evident in all her projects as well as products.

Andreea designs unique interiors for her clients, all the while giving utmost importance to functionality of the space. She also ensures that the interiors reflect the lifestyle and personality of the owner. She has a knack for combining different periods, using striking patterns and brilliant colours, in addition to incorporating limited edition pieces and innovative forms, thereby crafting individualistic interiors. She believes in the WOW factor and is of the opinion that even with the passing of time your love for the space should not fade, but increase. This multi-talented and acclaimed professional is a member of New York’s Decoration & Design Building Designer Referral Program.


Andreea designs a contemporary, stylish vacation apartment to accommodate three generations of a large New York family. The apartment, which originally had only one bedroom, is located in a former Art Deco hotel on Miami Beach.

Architectural changes, re-designing of the interiors and even selecting of art was done by Andreea to convert this apartment into a stunning, stylish and functional space – a space to live in and entertain with effortless ease. The spatial constraints were eased by converting the single bedroom apartment into a two bedroom one. The available space has been cleverly utilised, and Andreea infused the colours of the ocean as well as the exuberance of Miami into the interiors, creating a serene as well as vibrant ambience within.

In terms of interior modifications, the former kitchen was redesigned as a children’s guest room and the former dining room converted into the kitchen.

The white flooring and walls serve to enlarge the space visually. In the living area; a round Zebra print rug, two single couches in white and a two seater in pale grey with a stylish, contemporary coffee table in metal and glass, make for a perfect arrangement. A touch of ocean colour in the niche is refreshing and so is the colourful display of vases with books.

The bright yellow bolsters on the grey couch connect with the vases in the niche. Bright, rich silk drapes are paired with delicate sheers, framing the expansive windows in the living room and also the master bedroom; the vibrancy of the drapes enhanced by discreet cable lighting.

The dining space has a modern dining table with white top, paired with stunning Katrell chairs and a dramatic chandelier! The chairs are upholstered in bright floral patterns.

Chagall lithographs decorate one wall in this space and a beautiful vintage mirror sourced from a local shop commands your attention from one end of the room. Andreea has given utmost importance to storage and a built-in cabinet on one wall from the living to the dining room serves this purpose in addition to enhancing the space. The recessed section on the living room side also serves as a counter space.

The children’s guest room is cheerful with splashes of yellow against a white backdrop.

The master bedroom has been designed in a way to either accommodate a couple or two siblings – the single beds may be joined to make one large bed or set apart. The couch in the living room is a sofa-bed, taking care of additional sleeping requirements. In the master bedroom, the nightstands are designed to provide additional storage. Colour is injected into this space using bright bedlinen and vibrant drapes.

“My university degree is in architecture which is a great education for design in general. I found myself in architecture school because it covers a lot of my interests and strikes a great balance between the arts and the sciences. I have always felt that an artist must excel in technical matters. Understanding how things are made alerts one to many possibilities.

Interiors are a collaboration with your clients so the process determines the result. Ultimately, the most rewarding is a creatively challenging process that takes my design sensibility to a different level. When it comes to design, paying attention is very important. The most mundane observation sometimes triggers the most interesting ideas.”

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Contemporary, clutter free, stylish and extremely functional – this vacation apartment is designed to suit the multiple needs of the family.