Noida Apartment Design: Kapil Aggarwal

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KAPIL PAWAR8Kapil Aggarwal considers himself an artist turned into an architect, and considers his project an extension of his art form, his renovated house a reflection of his self where each space has been considered as a canvas frame.

He did his B.Arch in 1996 from MIT, Manipal and has had an inclination for fine arts since childhood. Kapil believes that each house, building or space has got its individual identity, like humans. No two buildings can be same.

“As an architect our job is to give it an identity and soul so they can breathe and communicate. A building is a living object which can communicate; it is just that feeling that has to reciprocate in a very sensitive approach towards design.”

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Noida Apartment

The Pawar residence is a 3 bedroom apartment of 1700 sqft. in Greater Noida, located on the 6th floor adjoining a club and with a cricket stadium on one side. The concept of the interior is kept as modern and straight line.

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The space has been designed using a predominantly beige palette with wallpapers and paintings adding colour to the space, the emphasis being to create different ambiences in every space while defining its usage. This is reflected in the choice of materials as well, with the use of different types of flooring to the ceiling design varying in each space. While the this allows for a varied visual vocabulary, the design framework ensures that there is an overall synergy creating harmony as one comprehensive unit.

“I have a vision of creating sensible, functional spaces enhanced by the intangible sense of emotion, power and playfulness. This results in architecture that can respond to the unique needs of client throughout the design process, —shaping an aesthetically inspiredn environment through communication.”

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The entrance opens into a lobby with the kitchen on one side and a bedroom on the other. The apartment has all the lighting as LED with automation control system installed as a green initiative which helps in bringing down energy consumption.

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The dining and living room areas are separated by a level difference which also creates transition and defines the two spaces individually. Perlato Cecilia Italian stone has been used for flooring with the overall concept being kept as a neutral tone and creating a composition of elements when viewed from different spaces.

The word ‘SPACES’ is a very integral part of our philosophy — we move through spaces, identify with it and our senses respond to it. My aim is to develop that space for a client where there is a high degree of emotional attachment in that it is an extension of their personality; it is not an empty sterile container but a sensual dynamic environment. The spaces I create are not formulaic but derived on the basic requirement of clients.

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The dining wall has customised Dholpur stone cladding which is highlighted by cove lighting created with the use of plaster of Paris and wooden ceiling. The metal tree of life creates an interesting composition with the stone cladding, while the pendant light fixture over the glass dining table creates an interesting focal point and also highlights the false ceiling design. The living room, kept a level down, has a beige damask stripe wallpaper continuing and complements the modern furniture in the space in a monochromatic palette. The abstract painting behind the sofa adds colour and vibrancy to the space, while the ceiling panel design adds visual interest. The wall panelling in dark walnut with a display niche complements the floor lamp and the furnishings in the room, while the venetian blinds add a linear element and allow the room to be bathed in natural light.

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The guest bedroom has Spanish tiles with metallic texture paint in taupe on the wall behind the bed highlighted by a metal leaf mural. The colour tone has been kept as rustic with use of same texture in the paintings to the drapes and linen. The bold shots of red, rust and orange in the furnishings add a lot of vibrancy to the space.

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The children’s bedroom is designed in maple wood tones from the wooden flooring continuing to the furniture, while the huge wall-wall-window overlooks the balcony in front, accessed from the living room, allowing for abundant light in the room. The patterned wallpaper in soft grey at the back adds contrast to the otherwise neutral monochromatic palette and works well with the chocolate brown drapes and grey patterned bedspread.

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The master bedroom at the back has view of both club garden and cricket field on the other, to create warmth and also to create transition from other space and at the same time abundance of daylight from either side. Dark cherry hardwood flooring has been used in the space, the ceiling over the bed is veneer panelled with aqua and gold patterned wallpaper highlighting the wall behind the bed. The sleek lines of the contemporary armchairs in leather and the floor lamp that is placed next to it add a lot of visual interest, while the panelled drop ceiling draws the eye upward and adds another feature to the design dimension.

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“Our work is known for its design quality, imagination and originality. Each project offers an opportunity to pursue new solutions to complex building problems. Our motto is to design, detail and enjoy working in responsive to our client’s need in very honest, efficient and professional manner. We believe that our works follow a unique style based on our ideology and perspective towards the design requirement.”