NRI Home design: Amerjit Ghag: Honolulu

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Amerjit Ghag lives in the tropical paradise of Honolulu, Hawaii. Her home is an expression of her love for colour and pattern. A space that reflects her Indian roots combined with western design sensibilities. NRI Home

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As with every journey on Prismma, our interaction with Amerjit Ghag was quite serendipitous. Amerjit contacted us for a story on Diwali Décor in October(featured here) and our subsequent conversations took us all the way to Hawaii where we ended up discovering her creative enterprise on this tropical paradise.

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Chai Studio(featured in our Desi Design segment) is her brainchild, revealing a design sensibility that was influenced by her Indian roots. She grew up in rural California, in a farming community near Yuba City, having moved there at a very young age with her family, who migrated from India. After graduating in design from UCLA, she moved to Hawaii.

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Her lovely home in Honolulu has all the elements of tropical warmth and reveals her love for colour and pattern. The furniture is old world with a rustic elegance. There is a timelessness to the space, and it draws you in with a constant engagement. You are curious to discover what the next corner would reveal.

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The use of vibrant colours in the fabrics for cushions and throws against the vintage wood-work creates an interesting setting that would inevitably be a conversation starter.

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The warm flooring in various parts of the house, wooden or tile, brings a warmth to the setting. There are several distinctive pieces of furniture in her lovely home.

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An abundance of plants and flowers add to the tropical paradise atmosphere.

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“I have always had a love for colour and for unique things. I think being unafraid to mix colours and prints in new and unique combinations comes from my desi heritage.”

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Amerjit’s love for colour and pattern is clearly evident in her beautiful home which has a perfect blend of contemporary and old world charm.

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The kitchen looks fitted for some serious culinary exploits. Could those be recipe books lined up in the cabinet ?

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The little details are interesting—striped wallpaper, pop art and a tiles in warm tones installed diagonally on the floor.

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“Since moving to Hawaii, I have travelled all over the world and I think experiencing travel and other cultures whether they be in New York, Paris, Singapore or Sapa, has helped fine tune my design sensibilities.”