Salon Design India: Scissors Enrich Bangalore


Scissors Enrich is a beauty salon spread over 2850 sq.ft, located in one of Bangalore’s most sought after suburbs – J.P Nagar. The owners of the salon approached us when they were planning to set up their second salon in the city. Their brief was to create a salon that would be above the pack of normal hair-cutting salons, one that offered ‘something more’. Beauty Salon-Bangalore

 The endeavour of the design team was to breathe a whiff of glamour into the experienceTo create a space that allowed every client to experience the ‘luxe’ quotient and feel special and pampered—like a celebrity.

After significant market research, we recognised the need and viability for a high-end salon outside the patronage of a 5 star hotel. The challenges we faced during the execution of this project were:

Accommodating the client’s branding and design requirements.

The provision of water supply and drainage to almost all parts of a floor, where the slab had been cast and could not be punctured, with the nearest duct 50 feet away.

Masking noise and sound pollution and creating a luxurious and spacious environment.

The first floor of a commercial complex in one of the most sought after suburbs in Bangalore was our bare canvas.

Being located on one of the busiest main roads came with its inherent advantages as well as disadvantages— the latter being the noise, air pollution and presence of more than 10 beauty salons on this 2 km stretch.

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The proximity of J.P Nagar to Bannerghatta road with its numerous apartment complexes ensured a sizeable clientele. However, being late to the party meant that this salon had to be like no other and provide every customer an experience that would set it apart from every other salon.

The sense of drama is accentuated by a series of niches, whose inner surfaces are clad with mirror, back-lit with colour changing LEDs. Frosting on the panel reduced the intensity of direct light and reflects diffused coloured light. These niches are used for product display. The ceiling has domes that are suspended and the flooring is glistening white statuario marble.

The curved corridor leads you into the hair-cutting zone and colour bar on the right hand side which is dominated by mirrors and has flooring in black marquina. All light in this area is indirect and white, ideal for this zone.

After the reception and the hair-cutting area, the curvilinear corridor—which forms the spine of the salon—leads you along glass walls that are covered in multiple layers of custom-designed coloured film that fracture the light in the space. This journey takes you to the treatment rooms and culminates in the spa.

A beautiful water body has been created at the entrance to the spa with water tumbling softly over river pebbles and flowing into the receptor below.

From here, four massage rooms are accessible.

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Along the inner walls, the counter with a sink and cabinets are placed and the massage table/bed has been positioned so as to enable easy movement around it.

The beak-like balconies were incorporated into the design and used to accommodate treatment rooms such as bridal/make-up rooms, two waxing rooms and a pedicure room. These spaces needed extensive civil work for integration with the circulation path of the salon layout. Cladding was done on the exterior curved walls and inner walls accommodate all the built-in furniture.

In the make-up room, specially designed mirrors were placed against the exterior walls and beautiful curtains were chosen.

The false ceiling layout was carved out keeping in mind the area demarcations, and either matched or contrasted the flooring beneath. A diverse collection of lights have been used in this project. Effort was taken to achieve specific moods in each and every space with the right mix of lighting and ceiling design as well as materials used for the false ceiling.

The planning of the project was largely dictated by the requirements of plumbing, which led to the salon area as well as the massage area being raised by one foot, to allow for plumbing and drainage. The salon and massage areas were segregated and designed around a central curvilinear spine. The form of the spine and the spaces around it were designed to integrate with the curves of the balconies and existing structure to make maximum use of space.

Glass was used for most of the partitioning.

Glamour, tranquillity and drama have been successfully injected into the design of this salon ‘enriching’ it, making it a ‘cut’ above the rest.