South Goa Villa by Shankhwalker

South Goa

swimming pool design South Goa E4

dining room furniture design South Goa E1

The hint of blue used in furnishings is the only bold colour that has been added while everything else remains subtle and muted.

glass doorway design South Goa E3

The South Goa property was a spanking new, sprawling property that hadn’t even been fully furnished yet.

window design South Goa 3

The walls had just been painted and light was bouncing everywhere beautifully. This was a simple and fun shoot.

mirror wall design South Goa 2

Despite a modern minimalist design, the use of dark wood throughout the house lends an air of warmth and serves as a perfect complement to the lush green landscape surrounding the property.

TV unit design South Goa E2

With the exception of certain areas where hardwood flooring has been installed, the rest of the house has sparkling white floors.