Traditional Indian Interiors: Natraj Residence

When you think about a home that is ethnic and traditional, in the Indian context, there are three aspects that are predominant in such a design scheme.

The first is of course, a love for vibrant colours that are warm and earthy. The second is the natural affinity towards wood in all its forms and manifestations in an interior space. Last but not least, is a predisposition towards openness and simplicity.

In all these aspects, the Natraj home is truly traditional Indian. There is a warmth within the space that is inviting and exhilirating.

The furniture is a combination of elegant colonial pieces, rustic ethnic accents and wrought iron, balanced with straight line wooden furniture for the larger cabinetry items in the home.

The art that adorns the walls in various parts of the home, underlines vernacular definitions while the use of brass and traditional artefacts heightens the essential ‘desi’ appeal of the interior space.

While the walls have an abundance of colour, the drapes are in muted taupes and beiges, focussing instead on the lush greenery outdoors and reminding you that this is, after all, the ‘garden city’.