Vietnam Resort: Nha Trang Vinpearl

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Vinpearl Luxury Resort in Nha Trang, Vietnam is truly a tropical paradise far superior to many of its contemporaries in the region. Let’s find out what this “pearl of the ocean” has in store for its guests. Nha Trang-Vietnam

From the moment you land at the Cam Ranh International Airport, you’re made to feel like a VIP, with warm greetings and flower garlands from the pleasant Vinpearl staff. You are then whisked away in a chartered car through the lively streets of Nha Trang to the resort on the mainland. Once here, you’ll be made to board a larger than life Aqua bus 44 luxury yacht that will transport you to the Vinpearl Resort’s exclusive bay on the Hon Tre island.

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This seven minute ride through the open waters is enough to give you an idea of what extravagance awaits you; while from a distance the resort resembles a lovely coastal village with coconut trees and thatched roofs, it is only when you come closer to the destination that you realise that this place is actually a coastal paradise!

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The waiting Tuk-Tuks will take you through the lovely pool side and verdant gardens to your glorious villa. There are eighty-four villas in all at this spectacular resort and each has a charm of its own.No expenses have been spared as far as the accommodations go and that is evident in the way each one has been meticulously designed and decorated in order to provide guests with a memorable experience.

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There are twenty-four Garden Villas, which are all located on a hill top. Each one of these villas has a luscious private garden and a swimming pool. The Poolside Villas also give you these luxuries and are equally beautiful.

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The Duplex Villas are located halfway up a hill and the biggest draw about these villas is the open and airy terrace. For those of you who want to be as close to the ocean as possible, the ideal choice would be the Beachfront Villas. These villas are not only bigger and more spacious with additional guestrooms, they are also adjacent to the ocean which means you can wake up to the mesmerising sounds of the ocean waves and step right out onto the pearly white sandy beaches of Nha Trang from your very own room!

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For the ultimate experience however, you need to stay at the Vinpearl Nha Trang’s Presidential Villa which is located in an exclusive part of the resort altogether. From here you can view the ocean, the hills and the spectacular bay of Nha-Trang. The exterior of this mind-blowing residence resembles a plantation-style bungalow, while each of its rooms including the bedroom, living room, dining room and bathrooms exude a sense of opulence and distinct style.

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Guests staying here can also take advantage of the private pool and jacuzzi besides private spa therapies that are part of the villa’s perks.

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You’ll find a neo-classical decor style used throughout all the eighty-four villas with solid wood beds and cabinets, parquet flooring and oriental paintings. The long off-white drapes not only provide privacy but also allow in plenty of natural light during the day.

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Rattan chairs beautifully complement the rich combination of chocolate brown, gold and beige that has been used on the linen as well as the upholstery throughout the room. Recessed lighting along with the glow from the table lamps help to create a soft mood during the evenings.

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Even the marble bathrooms are lavish with the best fixtures and an ambience fit for a spa, with sea salts, candles and fragrances.

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There is no dearth of gastronomic pleasure at Vinpearl Nha Trang. For starters, the bar and lounge at the main reception is simply superb! The horse-shoe shaped solid wood bar is adorned with the largest, most beautiful chandelier you would’ve ever set eyes upon!

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Located one floor above the bar is the Vietnam Restaurant which is one of the two main restaurants at this resort. This spacious restaurant is partitioned into separate spaces by several large wooden pillars. Wood slatted windows and little orchid arrangements on all the tables create an oriental ambience while lovely chandeliers hanging down from the coffered ceiling brighten up the setting with their yellow luminance.

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The ironwood chairs are dressed in red and really stand out against the chequered floor which adds a sense of drama to the place.

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There’s also an outdoor seating if you want to enjoy your meals by the pool. Immerse yourself in the many flavours of traditional Vietnamese culinary delights while listening to the soothing sounds of the flute and zither.

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The other well known restaurant of the Vinpearl Nha Trang Resort is called the Blue Lagoon Restaurant. This gourmet paradise offers cuisines from all over the world. The tastefully decorated interiors have quite a modern appeal and the large paintings and the upturned-umbrella shaped chandeliers make the space all the more attractive. Should you desire to have your meals in the privacy of your villa, the Vinpearl staff will have that arranged as well.

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The Vincharm Spa is quite different from any other spa experience as it is one of the few over-water spas of the world.

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This means that you get to enjoy your massages and other therapies in cute well appointed thatched huts floating on the waves; imagine being pampered not just in style but in the most serene surroundings possible!.

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This spa, with its staff of trained experts, is an oasis of relaxation. As the waves hit against the bank and sprays of water fill the air you’ll find yourself drifting into another world where all your mind and body are eased of all anxiety and tension.

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The Vinpearl resort even has its own 18-hole golf course, a first class gym and wait for it… exclusive amusement park!

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At Vinpearl Nha Trang you’re literally in the lap of luxury.

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The landscape is like a beautiful painting with a myriad of colours and contours with the bright sun, the white sand, the turquoise blue waters and the emerald green gardens.

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I’m sure you’d agree when I say it is more than just an idyllic romantic getaway.